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Soon we will be offering advanced training for Kold Kingers on advanced chopping gun techniques, and advanced roofing techniques to help you install better chopped glass roofs. There will be no charge for these seminars, but only those contractors using Kold King emulsion may attend.

:: 05.06.10 ::

Turnkey Roof Rig Packages

The Adams have a mountain of helpful information to new rig purchasers. These guys have sold and installed tens of millions of sq. ft. of emulsion roofs since the 1970’s and they have   “do and don’t do” advice on every aspect of the roofing business.

Tapping into their vast experience on everything from how to market the system, how to price your work, how to make a nice-looking proposal, installation, warranties, where to buy material - everything! They have saved me a lot of time.

—Kold King customer (name available upon request)

All training is in Dallas or Lubbock unless prior arrangements are made!


- Installs over most commercial roof types.

-Light Weight

- Blister Rsistant


- Fast Installation With a 3-Man Crew.

-Proven Long Life


The more experienced/successful Kold Kingers know that using cheap emulsion does not save them money. A few newer Kold Kingers have attempted to use discount emulsion, which resulted in much downtime and equipment damage due to the emulsion separating or setting up in the hose, guns, and pump. Being down for half a day and ruining your equipment in order to save little money on cheap emulsion is costly, both in terms of real dollars and damage to your reputation when your roofs fail prematurely.

We strongly recommend against using emulsion which does not have the characteristics known to last on a roof, and which works best in your Kold King rig. Kold King emulsion is made by Henry Company and is very competitively priced. More importantly it will last on your roofs and will not not unpredictably separate in your pump requiring major pump repairs and possibly voiding the warranty on your Kold King rig.

Using Inferior Emulsion Does Not Save Money!

Is Your Kold King Contractor Legit?

Just because a contractor owns a Kold King rig and points to Kold King YouTube videos, does not mean he is an authorized Kold Kinger. Some contractors have purchased a used Kold King rig, but were not trained by Kold King and/or do not use approved Kold King brand emulsion.

All contractors who imply that they are associated with Kold King are required to go through our training program (it’s free) and they must use Kold King emulsion which we know is properly formulated for installing chopped glass roofing.

Call us at 1-866-336-7450 or see to verify that your contractor is a legitimate trained Kold Kinger using approved materials.

Which Emulsion Is Best?

Kold King/Henry emulsion costs you no more than other quality brands - the manufacturer pays Kold King the volume discount derived from selling emulsion to 110 Kold Kingers in 38 states. Your purchase of Kold King emulsion assures you’re using the right emulsion, and allows Kold King to continue to build the Kold King brand which benefits all Kold Kingers.

Apples-to-apples, Kold King/Henry emulsion is the best emulsion for the best price and your loyalty to Kold King earns you loyalty from Kold King.

The All New 2012 Kold King BULK RIG Is Here!

This is the most capable Kold King rig we’ve ever offered, and it’s complete with training for just $37,500.

Features include: